Mindfulness Practice

Care partners learn to incorporate mindfulness practice into their every-day lives, understanding that everything that happens offers an invitation to practice mindfulness, including the challenging, more painful moments in our lives. Mindful presence, or the ability to be aware of the present moment, on purpose and without judgment, has been scientifically proven to be an effective stress-reduction strategy. It is now taught in many hospitals, clinics, and other health organizations throughout the world. For care partners, it can be an excellent way to deal with the day  to day stresses inherent in the dementia experience. Mindful presence is also critical in terms of engaging more fully in the present moment, and being able to ‘bend’ with the shifting reality of the person in your care, while maintaining your own inner balance and resilience. By taking care of yourself, you will be simultaneously able to provide the best care possible for the person in your care.

Integrative Understanding

Through a combination of lectures, group sharing, mindful inquiries, and hands on activities, care partners learn to adopt an integrative view of dementia. This integrative approach combines both biomedical and experiential models of care. The biomedical model provides care partners with the basic knowledge they need to more effectively advocate, care, and plan for the person in their care.  The experiential model gives them the tools to effectively communicate and navigate often unexpected so-called dementia related behaviors as is common in the various dementia sub types.

Community Support

Participants are taught about the need to develop a mindful care community and strategies to develop such a community. Although simple, mindfulness practice is hard to sustain without the support of a community of practice. A mindful care community can be as small as two people. Participants are encouraged to connect with local mindfulness centers, friends who share an interest, as well as fellow participants who share a similar circumstance. Our wish is to eventually offer a mindfulness based dementia care community online where you can connect and deepen your practice.